The horse that means 

a lot to you,


Means A Lot To Us Too!


"We bought our daughter the best horse and the best equipment that we could afford, but we know now,

that the best gift we gave her, was his daily dose

of StressLess ! "                         - Denny & Dawn Frey


StressLess Was

Developed By Veterinarians

A group of industry leaders,  including research veterinarians, pharmaceutical executives, trainers and horse owners, collaborated to develop a calming product that was safe, natural, effective, and easy to administer. 

    .  .

Even though StressLess promotes a feeling of calmness in horses, it does not  affect their motor skills or energy level.


There is no drowsiness, or impaired performance, just a more willing and focused temperament.


StressLess is safe for horses of all ages.  It is non-sedating and is non-addictive.


StressLess has been carefully developed to be both effective, legal and show safe!

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Casein Is The Active

Ingredient In StressLess 

Casein is an amino  protein that is derived from cow’s milk.


Casein has been found to have calming,  anxiety-relieving properties in horses, dogs, cats, and even humans!


Casein decreases reactions to stressful situations resulting in a less anxious, more  focused equine partner.


 How is Casein Produced?


Casein, found in cow’s milk, is isolated ( without the use of chemicals)  through an all natural process called “enzymatic reaction”.    


This process is similar to the way cottage cheese curds are derived from milk.


There are no preservatives or herbal ingredients and it is lactose free.  StressLess has a palatable apple flavor.


How Do I Know That StressLess Is  Show Safe?


StressLess is currently used by FEI riders and 2*,  3*, 4* CCI riders, all who are successfully showing in competitions which are highly regulated &  tested. 

Whether you're showing or not, you want to know that what you're feeding your horse has only the safest, most natural ingredients.


That's why our product does NOT contain any of the following:

There are no herbs,

There is no Valerian.

There is no L-Trypthopan

There is no Magnesium Sulfate or other forms of Magnesium!


To prove our supplement is legal and show safe we had blood and urine tested at the premier lab, LGC Science in Lexington, KY.   The same lab used by USEF.   


These tests proved that StressLess does not contain any herbs or other banned substances. 

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Stresslesss Calms Horses !

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We are proud to present these lab results proving that StressLess is Show Safe & Legal !

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"After starting StressLess, Betsy began to

focus.    The hot horse that I bought for

eventing turned out to be a dressage star!   


 I just earned my  USDF Silver Medal on her!"