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We expect a lot from our Dressage horses!

Be Brilliant:

 extend the trot and canter.

Be Focused:

collect and give me lead changes.

Halt and Rein Back quietly.

Canter from the walk.

So Much For A Horse To Handle !



If your horse seems anxious, loses focus or gets spooky and nervous, then StressLess Can Help !



Here Is How StressLess Works:

You’ve seen it:

  Bucking,  Bolting, 

Rearing,  Shying!


Why Do Some Horses Act Out?


In the beginning, horses had to develop quick responses to avoid danger.  


Fear and anxiety produced a surge of the hormone Cortisol, which resulted in the life

saving  “fight or flight” 



Once returned to safety, the Cortisol levels went down,

 and the feelings of fear and anxiety left. 


Today's performance horses may be under constant stress because of early training, limited turn out, traveling and competing.


This constant stress can result in the overproduction of  Cortisol.   


Some horses with this condition remain in a  high state of anxiety and exhibit negative behaviors like:


Bucking,   Bolting,   Rearing,  Biting  and  Shying.


The main ingredient in our supplement,  Casein,  has been scientifically shown to promote a horse's  ability to cope with this stress.  


In 2015, a leading horse magazine, Equus, featured an article titled:


"Calming Without Medication" 

"Ten Ways To Reduce A Horse's  Anxiety Without Resorting To Sedatives or Tranquilizers."



The article said this about our main ingredient, Casein: 


“Casein is an all natural supplement that has been proven to provide a calming effect in horses”. 



There's More Research On How StressLess Promotes 



In 2012, noted equine behaviorist,  Dr. Sue M. McDonnell, Ph.D  published her research in the Journal Of Equine Veterinarian Science.


Her research article ( based on her  work with wild, feral ponies ) stated the positive results of feeding our main ingredient, alpha-casozepine ( Casein ).


Before receiving the supplement, the ponies were graded on the following behaviors: 


Introduction to:  

Grooming,  Stabling, 

Haltering,   Leading,  

Tethering,  Social Separation, 

Stall Confinement,   Lifting Feet,   Simulated Girthing,  Transportation,  and Health Care Treatments.


She Concluded:   


"The results of this blindly conducted study indicates the benefit of adding alpha-casozepine ( Casein ) as a dietary supplement."  


"These findings in horses supports a growing body of research and clinical evidence for the calmative, anti-anxiety effects of alpha-casozepine   ( Casein ) in mammals - Sue M. McDonnell, PhD


Our Clients Tell Us That StressLess Works ! 

"I love StressLess!   Within 4 days of starting it my horses' goofy attitude turned into one that is concentrated and working!"

"After starting StressLess, Betsy began to focus.  The hot horse that I bought for eventing turned out to be a dressage star!    I just earned my  USDF Silver Medal on her!"

"I would not hesitate to use StressLess to help keep a tense, nervous or overly excitable horse more relaxed and focused!

"StressLess has totally changed my relationship with my horse.  I am no longer afraid of my formerly hot, spooky horse !  After feeding StressLess, I'm comfortable taking him everywhere.  I no longer worry about what he might do or if he will bolt or have bad behavior!"

"I thought I was getting the best dressage scores that I could from my horse.  After feeding StressLess, my horse is more focused and less tense.  We have been wining our Fourth level Dressage tests and my scores have gone from an average of 68% up to 76% and 78%!"

StressLess is working !  I no longer feel like I'm waiting for the next spook or explosion.  On StressLess, he is calm and paying attention to me and we are finally progressing in our training.  Our Blue Ribbon and Reserve Championship just proved it !

"My horse was known for dumping his past two owners.  He would scream and spin and go nuts at shows.  After feeding StressLess I could 

compete him effectively and we showed 

successfully at Second Level.  I just bought an OTTB and I've started him on StressLess too.

( He spun and I came off a few weeks ago. )"

"I bought StressLess for my daughter's horse prior to going to an eventing camp.  He had 

been injured and had not been off the farm in almost 2 years.  It was because of StressLess that they had a fun and uneventful week long camp.  I would recommend StressLess to any mom that wants her child to ride a calmer and safer horse. " 

"We thought we were buying a safe horse for our 15 year old daughter.  We soon found that he was awful away from home.  Frantic in his stall; spinning and screaming and hard to control. 

My daughter was in tears and wanted to sell him.

We started him on StressLess and in less than two weeks they won multiple ribbons and a Reserve Championship. 

Now a year later they are happily competing on the jumper circuit and have even started eventing.  Something we never thought would happen! 

We bought our daughter the best horse, the safest helmet and best saddle and boots that we could afford, but we know now, that the best gift we have given her, is his daily dose of StressLess !"


Where Does Casein

Come From?  


Casein, the active ingredient in StressLess, is an all natural amino protein that is derived from cow's milk. 


   "Casein has been found to have calming, anxiety-relieving property in horses, dogs, cats, and even humans!" 


How is Casein Produced? 


Casein, found in cow's milk, is isolated without the use of chemicals, through an all natural process called "enzymatic reaction".    


This process is similar to the way cottage cheese curds are derived from milk. 


StressLess Can Be Fed 

During Training As Well As When Competing!



StressLess is an all natural supplement that can be fed during training as well as when competing!!    


It does not contain any forbidden ingredients! 


To prove that it is "Legal and Show Safe"  we had blood & urine tested from a long time user. 


These tests were done at the premier lab, LGC Science, in Lexington, Kentucky.


This lab has been used for years to process tests from  USEF Sanctioned Horse Shows. 


All of these extensive

tests came back 

"negative" proving that

StressLess does not

contain any banned ingredients.

Prior to Starting StressLess, Mr. Nibbles ( the horse that we tested) had been considered dangerous by his doctors at UCF in Gainesville.


He was extremely over reactive during schooling, would shy and bolt in the arena  and was difficult to mange during routine appointments with his vet and farrier. 


His owner always felt that he had great potential but his tension and anxiety prevented them for making much progress in their training.  


After starting StressLess, she reports that his anxiety slowly went away and his focus increased.  Now he is enjoyable on the ground and under saddle and they have mastered Fourth Level Dressage and are working toward the next level !