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Jana Reich - Upper Level Rider and  Head Trainer: "The horse I'm mainly riding was distracted and spooky while training.  Ever since I put her on StressLess she's much more concentrated and less spooky.  She is often internally stressed about new exercises and training hard.  StressLess made my daily training with her much easier and more relaxed."

Hopefully you found our site because you've heard some of the tremendous responses we've received from clients who are extraordinary riders and trainers.  

Riders at the top of their game who have competed at the FEI Level and at Rolex and the prestigious venues in Wellington !  

Rick Wallace - "Team Wallace" 3 Day Eventing:   "StressLess has made a huge difference in all of my horses' performances.  My hot horses tend to be calm in their behavior and my spooky horses pay more attention. I would suggest that everyone use StressLess no matter what type of horse you own!" 

Riders who are Tweeting about us and telling their success stories on Face Book!

Hilda Donahue - 3 Day Eventer and Travis Cup Endurance Rider:   "My high performance horses are much more easily managed and focused when on StressLess." 

Riders who are leaders in their chosen sport:


Riders like the ones featured in these photos with their positive testimonials about StressLess. . .


Dr. Katie Malensek - "Betsy was an off the track mare that was considered dangerous. I bought her as my next event horse. Her overreaction & spookiness made it difficult for us to progress. After about two weeks on StressLess she began to calm down & her behaviour improved. With time and exposure she has learned to excell at showing. While Betsy no longer needs StressLess, I would not hesitate to use StressLess to help keep a tense, nervous, or overly excitable horse relax and focused!"

Riders that go out of their way to encourage their clients and students to train with StressLess!
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If you have heard the wonderful results our clients are telling us; how StressLess promotes calmness and focus, that after training with StressLess they begin to enjoy their horse more and have started to win, then please click on the photo of "Nuno" the cute pony with his StressLess cans, to order and check out.


If you are new to our website, let me tell you about us:

StressLess was developed by professionals in the veterinarian and medical field to provide a natural but effective product that would promote calmness and focus in the sensitive horses owned by their clients.

Word of its success spread quickly;  trainers bought it for their students and students shared the secret with their friends.  


Because of this demand, what was once only available in Wellington and South Florida, can now be purchased through our site, .

While the number of clients has grown, our commitment to maintaining the highest quality ingredients and continued personalized support, has not changed.

We make only one product and believe that it's the best, most successful calming supplement available.


When you place an order it will be carefully packed and shipped quickly via USPS.

Your order will include detailed feeding instructions as well as a contact name and their personal cell phone number.  


(  Everyone here is a rider and a horse owner, and we use StressLess too!  )


Your contact person will be available to answer your questions based on our own experiences and those of our clients.     


( Nothing makes us happier than to receive texts with photos showing the events our clients have participated in and won! )

Still not sure If our product will help your horse?  

It should, if it exhibits any of these bad behaviors:

1.  Argues or Is Resistant      

2.  Becomes Overly Excited

3.  Acts Nervous and Jumpy 

4.  Lacks Focus  -  Feels Distracted

5.  Spooks & Feels Like He May Bolt

6.  Pays Attention To Other Horses Instead Of You  


These are all behaviors that our clients report have either lessened or disappeared after using StressLess!

We think it's important for

you to know what we won't

use in our product:

Whether you're showing or not, you want to know that what you're feeding your horse has only the safest, most natural ingredients.


That's why our product does NOT contain any of the following:

There are no herbs,

There is no Valerian.

There is no L-Trypthopan

There is no Magnesium Sulfate or other forms of Magnesium!

        There are no prohibited

          substances at all !

   ( and we have lab tests to prove it !)

If you've been online looking for a horse calmer, chances are you've tried these less expensive products and found that they didn't work.


We hear this a lot from our customers. . .

Today's horse feeds are carefully formulated to contain the nutrients and micro-nutrients that our horses need. And you probably feed a high quality hay.  Under these conditions, most horses are not missing the ingredients listed in cheaper calming supplements.

StressLess Is Different !

Our product, StressLess, uses only the highest quality ingredients, specifically selected by a team of veterinarians, to promote calmness and focus in scared or excitable and sensitive horses.


Our clients report that within just two weeks ( or less ) of feeding  StressLess, their horses are more willing and cooperative,  less spooky and much more focused on the job at hand.

Our clients show us that our supplement works!      


   Our clients prove it by 

    excelling in the 

    following disciplines:  


Eventing  ~  Stadium Jumping

Upper Level Dressage


If you are a professional or highly skilled amateur, how much is it worth, to consistently have a focused and calm horse, ready to learn the next higher skill or a more difficult task ?

If you're a trainer, your or your student's success is your bread and butter. 

If you're racing across fields to the next jump, how important is it to trust your horse to stay focused and listening to you?


If you're a mom or parent 

who's child's  horse has dumped her, how much is her safety worth ?  


We heard  from four new clients at the end of last June, that bought StressLess for their daughters.


Two moms heard about us from friends and bought it before the events.


One daughter went on to win Reserve Champion in her first show ( after starting StressLess ) and Grand Champion at her next show two weeks later ! 


The second daughter had a safe and successful week at an eventing camp which the daughter attributes to the calming effect of StressLess.


Her mom was worried because the horse had just recovered from a long term injury and had not been off the farm or evented in 2 years ! )


And the other two moms?   They bought StressLess because both daughters were thrown from their horses; one at the horse camp and one at home. . . ) 

So we ask?  


How much is your

safety worth?

( or that of someone

you love?)

Still unsure?   Call or text us!    We're always glad to answer more questions. .  

 386. 295-0300

We can't make you ride

like a professional,

but we can help you

train like one!


Take the first step toward riding a calmer, more successful,

and safer horse!


Order StressLess today!


By Top Riders 

 Jada Reich 

Mr. Nibbles 

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