Katie & Betsy

You can also learn why Nuno is our StressLess Success Story winner for this month - how he went from almost being sent to the kill pen to taking his new owner all the way to Second Level (at age 21)!   

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Betsy is a lovely off the track thoroughbred mare.  Her previous owners were afraid of her.

I bought her to retrain as as my event horse.


Betsy was always on edge and jumpy, quick to react and overreact.  Before StressLess I found that while I could tire her out, I never really got her to relax and focus on me .


Now instead of spending my time lunging and double riding her before a dressage test, I am able to use one warm up session to have a successful ride in the show ring. 

We have been showing much more effectively on the product.

I would not hesitate to use StressLess to help keep a tense, nervous or overly excitable horse more relaxed and focused.

-  Dr. Katie Malensek 


Betsy started on StressLess at the end of August, 2016.

As she became calmer, her owner, Dr. Katie Malensek, was able to expose her to different situations.  


At home she stopped bucking and shying and began to focus on her jumping skills.  At shows, her overraction began to diminish and her dressage tests improved.

 Now all these months later , Betsy no longer needs help from StressLess and she just successfully won two Third Level  test, something her owner never thought she'd be calm enough to do!


Dr. Katie Malensek is a small animal vet at Ravenwood Small Animal Clinic in Port Orange, Florida  and a Much sought after Equine Chiropractor .


Her contact information is: